What a Colonoscopy Procedure Entails

At Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates, your gastroenterologists Dr. Barry Kaufman and Dr. Gary Rosman are here to help when you need a colonoscopy procedure in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Colonoscopies are used to diagnose and treat issues in the colon. Keep reading about coloscopies and come see us for an appointment.

What is a Colonoscopy Procedure?

A colonoscopy is a procedure used so your doctor can view the inside of your colon or large intestine. This is usually done for diagnostic purposes if you're having digestive symptoms, but polyps can also be removed from the colon during a colonoscopy for treatment. Polyps can benign or cancerous so they are often removed as a precaution.

If you are having symptoms like abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, constipation, diarrhea, or bloody stools, your doctor may want to do a colonoscopy. Colonoscopies are also recommended as you age because you can have polyps without symptoms for years. You should have one by the age of 50 but if your results are good, you can follow up every 10 years.

What Can I Expect?

You need to take preparation for the exam seriously and follow directions from your doctor. You will have a special diet to follow for three days before the procedure, fasting instructions for the day before, and a special solution to drink that will help completely empty the colon. This will cause diarrhea so plan to be home and stay hydrated. It's normal to have some bloating and slight cramping, and you should still finish your preparation.

During a colonoscopy, a scope is inserted into the rectum to view the inside of the colon. Your doctor uses the camera to look for polyps. Colonoscopy procedures in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, can involve the removal of polyps that are then tested for cancer.

Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates perform colonoscopy procedures in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Contact us to make an appointment with Dr. Barry Kaufman or Dr. Gary Rosman at (609) 407-1220.

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