Providing skilled and compassionate treatment of chronic viral hepatitis

An estimated four million people in the United States are infected with Hepatitis C. And, 70 percent of people who are infected with Hepatitis C do not even know they have the disease -- because they lack symptoms. In fact, when symptoms do appear, it’s not uncommon that the disease is diagnosed in advanced stages.

The Hepatitis Treatment Center at Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates

There is Help...and Hope.

"Hepatitis" means inflammation of the liver. The causes can be many, but viral infections are common throughout the world. These viruses are contracted in different ways. Hepatitis virus infections are acute (resolve on their own) or chronic (long term with no resolution).

Physicians at the Hepatitis Treatment Center treat patients with both chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C. There is already a vaccine to prevent hepatitis B. Today the Treatment Center is focused on providing expert treatment of chronic hepatitis C. 

Did you know?

Hepatitis C is almost always chronic and is spread from person to person only by direct contact with an infected person's blood. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C can lead to chronic liver disease (cirrhosis) and liver cancer and are the leading reasons for liver transplant in the United States.

The Hepatitis Treatment Center offers patients expert clinical experience and compassionate care by physicians and trained hepatitis nurse counselors. 

Atlantic Gastroenterology Clinical Research has been conducting clinical trials for over 25 years.

Compassion. Expertise. Commitment to medical research and advanced care.

Those are what make the Hepatitis Treatment Center at AGA a center of expertise and excellence in the Southern New Jersey region. If you or a loved one may have or has been diagnosed with hepatitis B or hepatitis C, contact the AGA Hepatitis Treatment Center or AGA Clinical Research at (609) 407-1220 for the experienced care you need and deserve.

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