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Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates (AGA) is a full-service physician practice in digestive health services. We are proud to offer a university experience in a community setting. The core focus of this holistic community setting model is to provide evidence based care to the community supported by research and collaborative medicine. AGA strives to make significant clinical contributions to the industry. We have a keen interest in precision medicine and provide genetic testing services to diagnose familial cancer syndromes. In addition, we offer support and coordination for familial cancer care to ensure that every patient has their medical needs met.

Our physicians are board-certified and fellowship trained in gastroenterology and internal medicine. We are passionate about providing the highest level of holistic digestive health services in the southern New Jersey region. AGA is dedicated to treating many gastrointestinal disorders, ranging from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), fatty liver disease, viral hepatitis, pancreas and biliary diseases to gastrointestinal cancers among other disorders and gastrointestinal illnesses. Our staff offers a professional and caring environment to help improve the well-being of each patient. We are dedicated to ensure their medical needs, making AGA a right choice for those with digestive issues.

Our core tenet is treating the whole patient by collaborating with other clinical experts and organizations located in the same medical building. These clinical experts include university based liver transplant services, in-house lab services, infusion services and clinical trial research. Working with the local hospital (Atlanticare Mainland Division) in the region, we provide digestive health services and perform advanced surgical procedures.

Clinical Research:

The AGA practice and AGA Clinical Research Associates is led by Dr. Barry Kaufman and Dr. Gary Rosman who have been primary investigators on numerous clinical trials over their careers. AGA Clinical Research Associates currently has active clinical trials for Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, GERD, Celiac and other digestive disorders.

Surgical Services:

Our physicians are very proud to offer upper endoscopies and colonoscopies at the surgery center which is located in our medical office building. The surgery center has 2 GI procedure rooms and 2 operating rooms.

Infusion Services:

The surgical center has a State of NJ licensed infusion center. There is also a privately owned infusion service company located in the medical office building that provides specialty infusion services and home infusion services for eligible patients.

Precision Medicine:

Genetic Testing - We provide genetic consultation, diagnosis and treatment using personalized genetic testing to our patients and families.

Restech - Restech is a device used to evaluate upper and lower respiratory symptoms that may be related to acid reflux. 

On-site Pathology Lab - AGA’s on-site pathologist and pathology lab provide advanced processing and interpretation of tissue specimens obtained during gastrointestinal procedures. 

PillCam SB - Not much larger than a vitamin pill, this ingestible imaging capsule travels through the small intestine and records areas not visible with any other diagnostic tool. It is the standard of care for detecting small bowel abnormalities. 


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